What is NAC?

NAC is a national programme of courses, workshops and events for composers aged 16–19 and their teachers

What's it for?

To provide post-GCSE tuition for those who wish to continue composing

To support those teaching composition to the 16-19 age range.

To encourage a wide range of compositional styles

To encourage the growth of a new audience for contemporary music of the future

How does it work?

INSET days give teachers the necessary skills for teaching post-GCSE composition

Project leaders (composers and performers) introduce the young composers to the instruments they will be writing for, and offer starting points for works. All participants receive the project Composition Kit (click here for details)

Under the guidance of the project leaders, the participating composers produce short works for the specified instruments.

These works are then rehearsed, performed and recorded by professional musicians, with the composer and project leader present

What is the Composition Kit?

The Composition Kit pulls together elements from all the previous New Adventures of Composition into a single book. This provides an invaluable resource, both for those teaching 16–19 year olds, and for the students themselves. Click here for detailed information.

The Kit will be available from spnm in 2001 – if you want to know more send us an email giving your name and address, and we will contact you later in the year.

How can I get involved?

For more information contact us at .

NAC in Halifax

NAC in Belfast

NAC in Scotland

Participants' comments

Composition Kit

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