Benjamin Aldous

for solo piano

duration: 6 minutes

As a composer I’m very interested in repetition and generating material by small changes in existing material. Skoot is generated from one bar of music; that bar is sometimes repeated without change but more than often mutated very minutely with the addition of new material or by removing material. It may be reminiscent of Reich but does not have the same hypnotic quality. The harmony more spicy, the rhythms more unpredictable.

This piece was written in a variety of different places. Sketches took place in Venazza, Italy. The details in Exeter, mostly at the college where I work. The final bits and pieces and most of the writing up in Kloof Library, Johannesburg Airport and my study at home.

Skoot is for my friends in South Africa, especially Miss Sharon Rogers
(1 Corinthians 13 v 7)

Benjamin Aldous was born on 23 December 1975 in Falmouth, Cornwall. He first became interested in composition as a teenager and wrote his first serial piece called "Not nine eight nonsense but serial nonary" aged 15. However he is more of a funkster, growing up with the sounds of Weather Report, Koinonia and Stevie Wonder. He started playing electric bass and attempting to write his own Big Band charts. He studied composition with Professor Stephen Pratt and Dr Jonathan Powles at Liverpool Hope University College between 1995-98. He is currently studying with Dr Adrian Beaumont at Bristol University.

His works include:

Three Movements for Piano, Cello and French Horn (1994)
The Source of Hope for small orchestra (1995-96)
Mr Ogoolo's Minor Message for big band (1996)
Phase for two pianos (1996)
My Only Tears for two pianos (1996)
Weird Child for piano and orchestra (1996-97)
Samba pour Mama for bass clarinet and piano (1997)
Sweet Tears for Many Lives for large orchestra (1997-98)
"STUCK… those 3 stars" for piano trio (for the Schubert Ensemble, 1999-2000)
Skoot for solo piano (2000)
Spone Drone for solo piano (2000)
RAMP and Fallen Angels for wind quintet (2000)
Ruff for five percussionists

He is currently working on:

An Unexpected Light (viola concerto)

In November 2000 he was awarded a grant from the RVW Trust to study for his composition MA at Bristol University for two years.

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