Richard Beard

for electroacoustic tape

duration: 9'15"

The idea for the structure of Emergence was for the emergence of separate regions of sonically rich material from short 'breathy' transitions. The image is of gently being breathed into existence. The sound sources used were; a wooden Bass Recorder, Maracas, a small Steel-Pan and some found metallic percussion. I passed many of the recordings through a digital reverb and echo before subjecting them to computer based processes.

I worked on this piece by first separating the various sound files into those that would give each region its own character. I prepared five discrete regions and assembled them in my anticipated order. As I realised the work I allowed the original concept to adapt to the unfolding structure, I became less concerned to link every region with 'breaths' and more open to the emerging relationships.

In the early 70s Richard Beard studied Fine Art at Lanchester Poly, Coventry, specialising in film and electronic music. Since then he has worked as a drummer and a sound recordist, and as a teacher of drums and music technology. He recently left teaching to study Music Technology and Electroacoustic Composition at City University, London.

Currently he plays perc/electronics in ensemble rrrrrrr…, drums for the band Bluestone, and is employed by Hackney Music Service as a sound recordist and video maker.

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