Colin Broom


for 6-string bass guitar, piano and percussion

duration: 8 minutes

Nightcreeper is scored for 6-string bass guitar, piano and percussion. The bass guitar is essentially the soloist, although the piano and percussion have very strong supporting roles. In many ways the musical interaction of the three instruments is perhaps akin to the standard jazz trio, but with the main emphasis slightly shifted from the piano to the bass (it also obviously differs in that there is no improvised material).

As to what the piece was inspired by: anyone who has seen a few action movies, (e.g.- Enter the Dragon, True Lies, every single Bond movie) almost certainly knows the scenario. Character A (sometimes accompanied by Character B) has to infiltrate High Security Installation X (usually a military base of some kind) and quietly perform some secret and often very delicate operation without being discovered. If they are caught, they will most certainly be in a serious predicament.

We watch them furtively climb over a high wall or fence, then sneak alongside it, crouching down out of sight occasionally to avoid a roving searchlight or a nearby guard. Often, rather than attempt to sneak past the guard, they may just "take care" of him. Finally we get our first real glimpse of Installation X - a massive compound, full of heavily armed soldiers, vehicles and other heavy equipment (if it is a terrorist base, then there will almost certainly be a stolen nuclear missile or two present).

Eventually they arrive at their destination within the installation, and begin their operation. Time is short, they must move quickly.

Born in 1973 in Glasgow, Colin Broom connected with music at a very early stage when at the age of four he ran in to the living room, tripped up and hit his head off the pedal of the piano. He studied a B.A. degree in Applied Music at the University of Strathclyde, graduating in June 1997, at which point he began his career as a composer. In the same year he co-founded Invention Ensemble, a group of ten musicians dedicated to performing new and challenging music, and with whom he performs regularly.

His composition 'Hammer', for Javanese Gamelan orchestra was performed at Bath International Music Festival and subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Most recent work has included music for 'Annotations', a film by French director Christophe Gerard, due for release later this year.

He currently lectures in music at the University of Strathclyde.

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