Stelios Giannoulakis

The Maze

for electroacaoustic tape

duration: 12'06"

The Maze cold wind... A door opened with echoing noise. It was leading out of a strange room with very high ceiling. I had no idea how I'd got there. My brain was flooded with memories which were not my own and behind the walls all these sounds... Nothing I felt at that moment could compare to what I experienced wandering through the building. Was I trying to get out? I wasn't sure. I sensed that the corridors I was walking down and the stairs I was climbing existed just for me, because of me! There for me to wander around in amazement and disbelief.

The Maze was composed in Studio 1, University of Wales Bangor. The studios are located in the magnificent old university building, The Main Arts Building, which was the main source of inspiration and sound material for the piece.

Stelios Giannoulakis is an engineer, composer, sound designer and instrumentalist born in Greece, 1971.

He took his first degree in Electronic and Biomedical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He studied Digital Music Technology at the University of Keele with Mike Vaughan and Rajmil Fishman gaining Masters of Arts with distinction and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in electroacoustic composition at the University of Wales Bangor under supervision of Dr. Andrew Lewis.

He uses extended computer aided sound transformation, editing and synthesis techniques to integrate any conceivable sound into his pieces as part of an intense and playful musical activity. Constant experimentation with materials and stylistic approaches in his work helps developing a personal musical language that draws from many different compositional and aesthetic directions. At the same time he enjoys performing and recording with a number of live bands and acts.

His music is being regularly performed in festivals and conferences. At the 1999 Bourges International Electroacoustic Competition he received a mention for Zrrraam. In April 2001 he was involved as a composer in the BBC Conversations in Colour live webcast project. He has been commissioned by Cesare Studio de creation musicale to create a piece for a special place of passage in Reims France.

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