Simon Hall

Mass utterance

for electroacoustic tape

duration: 25 minutes

Mass utterance
This piece involves the exploration of different types of utterance which are developed to produce musical argument. It uses the text of the Mass as a starting point, intoned in various ways: chanted, spoken, in choral setting, whispered, then fragmented and transformed. These texts are set against other selected collective and individually vocalised utterances: football crowds, secular choral sonorities, isolated spoken nonsense syllables, celebrity and political quotation; and non-vocal utterance: the utterance of nature, the city, the synthesiser and computer.

The piece is in five movements. 1+2 run segue as do 3,4+5, thus:

1. Kyrie (6'06")
2. Gloria (3'00")
3. Credo (4'25")
4. Sanctus (2'00")
5. Paternoster and Agnus Dei (9'00")

Thanks to students of the Music Dept of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College for providing the vocal sources.

Simon Hall is a composer, bass trombonist, producer and teacher based in Birmingham, England. His musical interests are wide-ranging - as a performer he has worked with ensembles as varied as the Royal Shakespeare Company, European Chamber Opera and the BBC Big Band; and artists as diverse as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Barry Manilow and Don Weller. This range of musical interest is reflected in his compositional approach, which draws on an eclectic cross-section of sources and styles, cross-pollinated within the electroacoustic genre.

He is currently studying for a PhD in Musical Composition, with an electroacoustic specialism, at the University of Birmingham on a part-time basis, where he also teaches Sound Recording Techniques and Studio Composition.

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