Mark Henry

Play Act

for oboe, bass drum and electronics

duration: 6 minutes

Play Act was written in the autumn of 2001 for a BMIC Cutting Edge workshop. The piece is for Oboe, Orchestral Bass Drum, CD & Live Electronics (delay and amplification). The title of the piece refers firstly to how the work was conceived and secondly to the composer's naivete. As the name suggests, the image is an act of a play where three protagonists are in conflict with each other (the CD, oboe and bass drum). The story concerns loosely their interaction and is for the listener to interpret.

Mark Henry was born in Cornwall in 1977. However, composing did not become important until moving to Worcestershire at the age of 14.

As an undergraduate he spent three years reading music at the University of Bristol, gaining a first class BAHons. At present Mark is studying for a PhD in Music Composition with the guidance of Dr. Geoff Poole. His output to date includes a variety of Orchestral and chamber ensemble works, although Mark is now working with Dr Neal Farwell in developing his electroacoustic music. During his time at Bristol he has won the Raymond Warren Prize in Composition and a University scholarship.

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