Andrew Lewis

for large orchestra

duration: 13 minutes

Eclipse is an essay in light and dark, obfuscation and clarity. It is built
around a luminescent, leaping melodic idea which is constantly present, yet
is often veiled or masked by other, darker material. This ‘dark matter’
consists of many individual sound objects which are built from tiny
fragments of sound played on several different instruments. This calls for a
particular kind of close ensemble playing, in which the individual parts
only make sense when blended and fused together as one entity.

The large orchestra is necessary not so much for power, but for colour and
texture, allowing the material to achieve sufficient variety and subtlety in
its timbral shaping, and to create a music whose first principle is the
beauty of sound, both in its conception and its perception.

Andrew Lewis
(born 1963) read music at the University of Birmingham,
graduating in 1984. He subsequently studied composition there with Jonty
Harrison, completing a doctorate in 1991. Since 1993 he has been Lecturer in
Music at the University of Wales Bangor, teaching composition and directing
the Electroacoustic Music Studios.

He works in a variety of media, from electroacoustic and acousmatic music to
works for conventional forces (chamber, vocal, orchestral) with or without
electronics. Whatever the medium, his work reflects a concern with sound as
the basic stuff of music, a medium to be controlled, shaped and sculpted as
directly as possible.

His music has won several prizes, awards and mentions (PRS, Bourges, Prix
Ars Electronica, Stockholm Electronic Arts, Hungarian Radio, British Arts
Council Bursary, Noroit finalist) and is performed and broadcast in many
countries. One vinyl and six CD recordings are available.

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