Enid Luff

The Footprints of the Storm

for violin and piano

duration: 7 minutes

The Footprints of the Storm
This piece is about the memory or aftermath of a violent storm, whether real or of the emotions. The piano and violin inhabit different worlds: the piano retreats into liquid and withdrawn meditations, while the violin swoops up and down in agitation. Gradually the piano takes up the urgency of the violin line, and rises turbulently to match it. Eventually, the piano gives way, and the violin brings the piece to a gradual plaintive close.

Enid Luff's first musical training was a a pianist. Studies in Modern Languages at Cambridge broadened her involvement in languages and literature, particularly the reading and translation of poetry.

She then returned to music, continuing her piano studies to concert standard with George Hadjinikos in Manchester in the 1960s, when she came to know and love the music of the twentieth century. Involvement in the music of our own day pointed the way to further academic studies (MMus Wales, 1974) and her continuing participation in the contemporary scene as a composer.

A Welsh Arts Council Bursary enabled her to study subsequently with Elizabeth Lutyens and Franco Donatoni.
Having lived and worked for many years in London, and latterly in Birmingham (where she taught part-time at Birmingham University’s School of Continuing Studies), she now lives in Cardiff, and publishes her own work, jointly with composer Julia Usher, through their self-publishing company, Primavera.

She is currently Organising Secretary of the organisation Cyfansoddwyr Cymru/Composers of Wales.

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