Marcos Vieira Lucas

A Vision of Sulis

for chamber ensemble
(fl, cl, pf, 2 vn, va, vc)

duration: 12 minutes

A Vision of Sulis was composed in the spring of 1998. Its material is, in part, derived and re-worked from a larger-scale piece for choir and orchestra entitled 'Aquae Sulis', composed in 1997.

The idea for the work came after a visit to the English spa town of Bath in the Easter of 1996, where I became interested in the temple, spring and Roman baths complex of Sulis-Minerva – a fusion of the Celtic deity Sulis (goddess of the waters) and the Roman goddess Minerva (goddess of war and healing).

The material is structured in four sections, the first of which starts in a very high register around the note 'C' and the last one moving from that note again to gradually lower registers and unpitched sounds. The central sections are more rhythmically driven and very energetic.

Marcos Vieira Lucas was born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in 1964. After graduating in Composition and Musical Education he undertook a Master's Degree in Composition at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1995 he has been working at The University of Manchester in a course leading to a PhD in Composition under the supervision of John Casken. He has written music for different ensembles (solo, chamber and orchestra) and has been performed in Britain and Brazil by: The University of Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, The Lindsay String Quartet, The University of Manchester New Music Ensemble.

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