Iain Matheson


for mixed ensemble (fl, cl, vn, vc, pf)

duration: 10 minutes

- to act in a drama
- to engage in a game or sport for no purpose but amusement
- to perform on a musical instrument
(Collins Dictionary of the English Language)

Play is a drama acted out in music, a game which invents and (mostly) obeys its own rules: which instruments may play, which notes, how high, how loud, how long... it is a non-competitive game, with no winners or losers.

Iain Matheson (1956 - ) was born in Plean and brought up in Glasgow. He qualified BMus from Glasgow University where his composition teachers included George Newson and Lyell Cresswell. After graduating he worked as pianist/composer with a theatre group, and piano teacher in schools. He spent several years working for the Church of Scotland, in Scotland and also in Prague. Back in Scotland, in 1995 he resumed a career in music and began to establish himself as a composer. He now lives in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh.

Iain's scores celebrate and explore musical shapes before any other expressive intention. He is especially interested in chamber music though his output also includes vocal, orchestral and instrumental works. His music has been performed at festivals throughout Scotland and England, as well as in Europe and New Zealand. His Et Tout d'un Coup was chosen for the First International Composers Forum organised by Ensemble Aleph, with performances in Cannes, Paris and throughout the European Union. In each of the last six years he has had works shortlisted by spnm: he was selected to take part in the spnm / making music / PRS Foundation "Adopt-a-Composer" scheme in 2000, resulting in the composition and performance of From Time to Time by the Meadows Chamber Orchestra in December 2000.

Recent performances:
When Suddenly [Don Banks Trio (hn/vln/pno) Edinburgh 15.8.01]
How Long Things Last [New Zealand String Quartet, Edinburgh 29.11.01]
Four Songs [Clare and David Lesser, British Music Information Centre 22.1.02]
On Bartok Street [Spectrum Duo (bass sax/oboe): Arnhem, 24.2.02]
Matchstick Music [Kees Hillhorst, vln: Leiden, 10.3.02]

Work in progress includes solo violin music for Kees Hilihorst, and a score for Dutch ensemble de Ereprijs. Noise Enough for piano and accordion will be premiered in San Sebastian in August 2002. A Beginning, A Middle and An End will be premiered by Kevin Bowyer (organ) in Edinburgh in September 2002.

Further details of Iain's work can be found on the Scottish Music Information Centre website: www.smic.co.uk

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