Iain Matheson

Pieces of Pieces

for chamber ensemble

fl, ca, bcl, hn, tpt, trb, vn, va, vc, pf

duration: 10 minutes

Pieces of Pieces
Four pieces, four textures, each an archetype of piano style: dense chords, arpeggios, toccata-style lines, and a modernist "plink-plonk" texture. The ensemble re-interprets each of these in its own terms. Piano and ensemble try out each possible pair of pieces; occasionally they share the same material and compare their approaches to it.

Iain Matheson comes from Glasgow. He graduated Bmus from Glasgow University, where his composition teachers included George Newson and Lyell Cresswell. After completing his studies he worked as pianist/composer with a theatre group, and piano teacher in schools. He has also worked for the Church of Scotland, both in Scotland and in Prague. Iain now lives in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, where he works as a piano teacher.

Performances of Iain's music include those by Cappella Nova, Chamber Group of Scotland, Peter Evans, Frances-Marie Uitti, Ananda Sukarlan, Emperor String Quartet, Kevin Bowyer, ensemble 175 East (New Zealand), Burkhard Molir (Germany) and Ensemble Bash. His music celebrates and explores musical shapes before any other expressive intention.

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