Gareth Pinder

Etude I
for solo piano

duration: 3 minutes

Etude I
This short (3 and a half minute) piano piece is intended to be the first in a series of studies, each of which will explore a different aspect of the instrument. The present work can also stand alone as a virtuoso show-piece an is concerned with a single musical line which weaves its way through the varied registers and sonorities of the piano.

Gareth Pinder was born in Coventry in 1975. He studied music at Worcester College, Oxford before gaining an M.Phil. in Musical Composition from King's College, Cambridge, where he studied with Alexander Goehr.

His pieces have been performed by the Steve Martland Band under Elgar Howarth at the 1994 Buxton Festival, at the Oxford Festival of Contemporary Music and by James Clapperton. He is currently working on a set of Three Pieces for Piano and Chamber Ensembles.

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