Camden Reeves

Starlight Squid
for piano tro

duration: 6 minutes

Starlight Squid
"Many species of mid- and deep-water squids are bioluminescent, with luminescent photophores arranged in various patterns over the body, even on the eyeball. In some species, such as Sepiola, the luminescence is due to symbiotic bacteria, but in most it is intrinsic. In either case, the photophore may be developed to remarkable complexity, including a reflector and lens, and sometimes an overlying chromatophore shutter. The light is emitted as brief flashes or sometimes as a sustained glow and, when color is discernible, is blue or bluish green."
from Invertebrate Zoology by Robert D. Barnes

Camden Reeves was born in 1974. For many years he lived in Texas, and learned to play trombone in a marching band. He studied with Philip Grange at Exeter University, and subsequently with Roger Marsh and David Blake at York University. Between 1996 and 1998 Camden held the position of Fellow in Composition with the Hallˇ Orchestra. His music has won several prizes and awards. Camden is currently studying with Paavo Heininen at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, with funds from the Finnish government.

Musically, CamdenÕs main area of interest is the study of organic forms and natural landscapes.

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