Steel Stylianou

for recorder trio and electronics (on CD)

duration: 8 minutes


The story so far...

Three of the wise (represented by the live instruments) had rightly foretold of the coming tragedy. The community - having initially ignored their warnings and now faced with the catastrophic consequences of their scepticism - reward the three with banishment.

As the piece starts the three are alone in the wilds contemplating their ignominious fate. Here the inner struggle begins (their various internal turmoils represented by the electronic part): whether to use the mighty powers at their disposal to revenge themselves upon the ungrateful community which they had in good faith served, or can they remain true to the inner altruistic teaching to which they owe their powers and rise above the animalistic call for vengeance?

Steel Stylianou

Born 1955, London

Childhood: classical piano studies.

Various Art-Rock formations, playing own compositions, elec. guitar & bass gtr.
Concerts in London & various UK venues.

Electronic music: Synthesizers/Tape.
Tour of Germany; live electronics, vocals & backing tape.

Various concerts in Berlin with variations on the same, (sometimes with dance - performance etc.). Featured at the Berlin Atonal Festival 1986.

Private composition study, later with Prof. Paul-Heinz Dittrich, and at the Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler Berlin, theory with Prof. G. Tittel.

Active paticipation at various Masterclasses for Composition, lessons/consultations with Klaus Huber, Eddison Dennisov & Friedrich Schenker.

Work presented at workshop concerts with ensemble recherche, Neuevocalsolisten & BBC Singers.

Performances mainly in Berlin with various ensembles and soloists including Ensemble United Berlin and Brenda Mitchell a.o. Presented at Die Akademie der Künste, Konzerthaus (formerly Shauspielhaus Berlin), Podewill, BKA, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Parochialkirche...

Guest composer at the "Neue Musik In Europa 6" festival series Cologne 1998.
Various commisions from soloists and ensembles, recent works include trios for wind instruments and electronic, an orchestral piece and various electronic compositions, associate composer with trio "eVent".


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