J. Simon van der Walt

Tears of Joy
for four (or five) winds, two keyboards (piano or electric piano
sounds), electric guitar, electric bass

duration: 7 minutes 25 seconds

Tears of Joy

Time passes;
we mourn.

Remembering the past,
we cry tears of joy.


To my mother, Maureen van der Walt; 18/8/1930-28/6/2000

J. Simon van der Walt is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher, living and working in Scotland. His work ranges from the conventional to the experimental, by way of jazz, gamelan, electronics, theatre, and instrument building. Best known as a salsa-jazz trumpet player, Simon has also been known to perform on the trombone, didgeridoo, guitar, and various kinds of world percussion. He teaches sound recording and composition at Stevenson College, Edinburgh, and co-directs the new music group Invention Ensemble. Oh, and in his spare time he composes, plays music, and teaches.

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