Rob Wright


for solo cello and tape

duration: 5 minutes

This short work for cello and tape was the result of research into Modalys-ER, (a software development by Dr. Richard Polfreman, Research, University of Hertfordshire).

The material heard on the tape part was obtained exclusively from musical phrases generated by both a real cello, and software physical models of bow>string interactions. The structure was derived by tracing‚ the gesture produced from the saltando technique of bouncing the bow on and across the strings.

Arco has received an honourable mention at the 28th International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art / Bourges 2001.

Rob Wright currently lectures at the University of Hertfordshire where he oversees Music and Sound Design Technology. Concentrating on electroacoustic composition his work has gained recognition at international competitions and at the moment he is concentrating on writing for solo instruments with tape or live electronics.

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