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Works for Solo Voice(s) and Ensemble

Works for Solo Voice(s) and Orchestra

Choral Works (accompanied)

Choral Works (unaccompanied)

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Kerry Andrew - fruit songs
Liz Johnson - Sleep Close
Joanna Kate Lee - your little voice
Nicholas Ray - Seven poems of Elizabeth Daryush
Clive Wilkinson - Two Haiku

Works for Solo Voice(s) and Ensemble
Chris Beardsley - Little Dancers
Melvin Clive Bird - Alice in Bed
Nick Casswell - The Transformation and Other Stories
Gabriel Erkoreka - Bizitza
Paul Keenan - Palimpsest
Marcos Vieira Lucas - Inferno Verde
Simon Mawhinney - Qalban Tahiran
Colin McLeod Morrison - Shadows and Substance
Andrew Wilson - Magic strings

Works for Solo Voice(s) and Orchestra
Robin Hagues - The wayfarers for tenor and orchestra
Justin Wildridge - And the pheonix has come for soprano and orchestra

Choral Works (accompanied)
Guy Newbury - May
James Bryce - Four Odes after Rumi

Choral Works (unaccompanied)
Julian Allwood - Mettimi come un sigillo sul tuo cuore
Mark Argent - Five Mediaeval Lyrics
Nicholas Brown - The Divine Image
Nicholas Brown - Stillness
Tim Coker - Only Our Love
Andrew Hamilton - One
Alexander Levine - And the line was drawn
Naomi Waltham-Smith - Ave Atque Vale
Alan Williams - Messages from the Scrolls

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