Works for Strings


Works for String Ensemble (with or without soloist)

Works for String Quartet / Trio

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Works for Strings (with or without soloist)
Jonathan Pitkin - Voices: chamber music for 44 (or 22) strings
Ian Dickson - Woven for string sextet

Works for String Quartet / Trio
Chris Beardsley - Second Strng Quartet
Nick Casswell - Papillon
Stephen Chase - Side/Walk/Shuffle
Tom Fox - Doloroso
Massimo di Gesu - Ansikte Mot Ansikte
Robin Grant - Persevera
Michael Graubart - String Quartet
Chris Haines - String Quartet
Nicholas Jones - String Quartet
Andrew Lewis - Tempo Reale
Stephen Maniam - String Quartet
Will May - Alchemist in the City
Eunan McCreesh - The Mutiny of Angels
Peter Nickol - String Trio
Tarik O'Regan - 'Care Charminge Sleepe'
Robert Percy - True Story
Nicholas Simpson - String Quartet no.2
Tazul I. Tajuddin - Jeritan
Sophie Viney - A time to dance
Christopher Woodley - Quartet for strings
Raymond Yiu - Tranced Summer Night

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