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Works for Solo Instrument

Works for Solo Instrument and Piano


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Works for Solo Instrument


Ben Aldous - Skoot
Patrick Gardner - Eleven Virtuous Pieces
Raymond Hardy - Pharoah's Chariots
Bernard Hughes - Bagatelles
Simn Mawhinney - Flux
Gareth Pinder - Etude 1
Paul Usher - Partita
Ben Wynne - The Mayfly

Greg Boardman - monolog.2

Steven Kings - Passion Games
Alexander Levine - Folie

Peter Nickol - Praeludium
Rob Wright - Arco for cello and tape

Jesus Bello - Sin Nombre
Duncan Clark - Arbelos
Geoffrey Cox - Balladeer
Stephen Goss - Looking Glass Ties
Brent Jolley - Drawing on Water
Rodrigo Sigal - Dogma
Rob Wright - Vendetta Kinda Mood for guitar and tape

Alicia Ambrose - Shattered

Fabrice Mogini - Choices for flute and real-time electronics

Jim Harrison - Satie's Rainbow
Simon Pinnington - lent
Paul Rhys - Dialogue for clarinet and recorded birdsong

Liz Johnson - Araneis - Studies of British Spiders

Works for Solo Instrument and Piano

Violin and Piano
John Alexander - pinions
Christopher Beardsley - Child's Play
John Habron - Palomar Looks at the Sky
Tom Ingoldsby - After the Eulogy
Enid Luff - The Footprints of the Storm
Eunan McCreesh - The immeritous tree of dreaming
Brian Newsome - Capricci
Hilary Robinson - Pieces of Pieces
Jeroen Speak - Arabesques

Cello and Piano
Stephane Altier - Parcours I

Clarinet / Bass Clarinet and Piano
Julian Leeks - Music for clarinet and piano


Jane Gardner - Leave the Balcony Open! for harp and percussion
Philip Hansell - October Dusk for oboe and viola
Mark Henry - Play Act for oboe, bass drum and electronics
Clement Jewitt - Mavrud IV: Duo for recorders and percussion

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