Works featuring tape / electronics


Acousmatic Works

Works for Live Instruments and Tape / Electronics

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Acousmatic Works
Richard Beard - Emergence
Jamie Bullock - Eclipse (tape version)
Stelios Giannoulakis - The Maze
Peter Green - Chain Ring
Simon Hall - Mass utterance
Robert Mackay - Voicewind

Works for Live Instruments and Tape / Electronics
Jeremy Aknai - Invention no.2
Jamie Bullock - Eclipse (version for percussion and tape)
Andrew Garbett - Silence echoes through the distance of time
Mary Henry - Play Act
IMP - Improvisation
Paul Keenan - Palimpsest
Fabrice Mogini - Choices
Paul Rhys - Dialogue for clarinet and recorded birdsong
Steel Stylianou - Moonrage
Rob Wright - Arco
Rob Wright - Vendetta Kinda Mood

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