Works for Mixed Chamber Ensemble


Works with more than 6 players

Works with 3 - 6 players

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Works for Large Mixed Chamber Ensemble (>6 players)
Luke Bedford - Broken New Arabesque
Luke Bedford - Requiescat
David Braid - Cause and Reaction
Robert Burbea - The Circle of Darkness and Fire
Nick Casswell - Chorisis
Nick Casswell - The Transformation and Other Stories
Jim Harrison - Dark Time
Jim Harrison - Skylight
Thomas Ingoldsby - Dances and Dirges
David Johnson - Shoppingtrollies for Chechnya
Phillip Neil Martin - Shadowed Facets
Iain Matheson - Pieces of Pieces
John Palmer - Koan
Stephen Roberts - The next stop is... Angel
Peter Sheppard - Hide and Seek
Alan Stones - Trace
Mihailo Trandafilovski - Three Dances
J. Simon van der Walt - Tears of Joy
Justin Wildridge - Parade
Andrew Wilson - The carrion hand

Works for Small Mixed Chamber Ensemble
(3-6 players)
Daniel Andor - Un Autre Jeux
Mary Bellamy - Stellar
Colin Broom - Nightcreeper
Stephen Goss - Tango
Robin Grant - Persevera
John Hails- Fantastica Stutta Diaboli
Patrick Harrex - Resonances
Mark Horton - When will the scenery change?
Terry Mann - Quintet for St. Swithun
Iain Matheson - Play
Peter Morgan - Quartet
Tarik O'Regan - Clich├ęs
John Pitts - Nuts and Bolts
Jan Podlipny- Frisson Miniatures
Camden Reeves - Starlight Squid
Alan Stones - chamber music
James Weeks - Westron

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